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Steph Dyke headshotWant more? You are voracious, you saucy minx, you! Just kidding! This is the page where I talk about how to work with me. But sometimes I feel like work is a 4-letter word, you know? So let’s talk about how we can have fun together.

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Now that we have those important things out of the way, here’s how to spend more time with your’s truly:

My Unsticking the Stuckness course. If you’re on the C+M Friends list, you’ll get the relevant deets about when enrollment is open. Updates about the course, as well as any other courses, can be found on the home page.

Coaching. I do 1:1 coaching with folks who have similar business interests as me. I’m a licensed Right-Brain Business Facilitator and incorporate the RBBP into most of my business coaching sessions. Please contact me for more information about this!

Workshops. I am available for workshops and speaking engagements. My work is primarily focused on mindfulness-based business practices for artists and other creative people. I also do full-length Right-Brain Business Planning workshops for groups of 2 – 20.

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