Death to the Stock Photo Writing Prompt #2 – Do you believe in magic?

Sidenote: I love to write but sometimes get completely stuck on what to write. Prompts are a really cool way to kick through a writing block and keep me warmed up and in the practice of writing regularly. Sometimes the stuff that comes out is complete garbage. Sometimes there are some diamonds in the rough.

The fine folks at Death to the Stock Photo have partnered with creatives (like Paul Jarvis) on occasion in the past to issue writing prompts and whatnot. Recently, they created their own series. If you’d like to participate, they post the prompts on their page at Medium.

Care to read more of my responses?

Prompt #1

Death to the Stock Photo Writing Prompt #2

The prompt.

What feels like magic to you?

My response.

Given the right circumstances, I believe we can feel magic all around us. And there are numerous things that can invoke a feeling of magic.

It’s magic when our babies smile for the first time. It’s magic when our pets greet us at the door after a long day’s work. It’s magic when a stranger extends a small kindness. It’s magic when we let go of outcomes and things fall together in just the right way.

When I am able to suspend my go-to cynicism, rip the veil of jaded tiredness from my eyes, and listen very, very carefully I can hear the Universe whispering secrets in my ear. I can see a subtle halo of pixie dust glimmering around the margins of everything. I can feel expansiveness and electricity in a particular moment.

As the Stones famously said: “You can’t always get what you want… you get what you need.” The magic is in seeing our needs fulfilled, no matter what we initially expected. The Universe takes care of us that way, for we are magic too.

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