Midwest Craft Con – fun! swag! intrigue!


Holy smokes! I can’t even. Midwest Craft Con has been SUCH a blast so far! And it’s barely even started.

This weekend is also MQG Quiltcon… But honestly a local, small-format, crafty lovefest is where the good stuff happens. (No offense, MQG…. Quiltcon East 2017… I’m there!)


There have been some amazing discussions about the future of making/crafting and this morning begins all the fabulous creative business workshops (of which yours truly is a presenter).

Although my introverted ways give me serious grief when it comes to face time with lots of people, I love|love|love to get together with like-minded folks and totally jam out about what we do.

I’d love to hear from other peeps: what kind of conferences or meet-ups have you been to and love?

2 thoughts on “Midwest Craft Con – fun! swag! intrigue!

  1. Just wanted to stop by and say that I thought your session on Time Management today was awesome and very insightful. I enjoyed your presentation and feel like I’ve learned a lot of good ways where I can make improvements to make time management less stressful (my “one word” when I think of the topic.)

    1. stephanie

      Thanks so much, Meghan! I’m so glad it was helpful. Keep me posted on your progress!

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