Get ur craft on!

Happy National Craft Month -

Cue some new millenium Missy Elliott! Listen to me now! You can’t stop me now! Is u wit me now?

Get ur craft on! Get ur craft on!

(HAH! Are you ashamed you know me now?)

Wait fool! Don’t go anywhere! (ok, ok, I’ll stop trying to be a rap goddess)

March is National Craft Month! WHEEEE!

Are you celebrating by making stuff?! I am! Here are just a few little things…

Meditation Doll - I’ve had this idea for a meditating doll for a long time and I finally sat down and drafted a pattern. This is the beta version.

I’ve identified some changes – just need to go back to the drawing board to make a few tweaks to the pattern.

And then I’ll make another one!

I’d love to know if anyone is interested in making their own. I might write instructions and publish the pattern if folks like it.

Otherwise, I’ll add it to my shelf of fun one-off things I’ve created that make me smile. National Craft Month is about having fun, yo!

I also recently took a trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania and was inspired by some Pennsylvania Dutch images I saw. (And the oh so delicious stroopwafel! But that’s more sweet tooth than craft month.)

Pennsylvania Dutch Project -

I love the little floral elements – stylized tulips, etc. – that appear in Penn. Dutch Hex Signs. I drafted my own and then started researching more images. Holy moly! What fun designs!

I made a unicorn (which you can see in the picture) as well as some distalfinks. What’s a distalfink?! You’ll have to wait and see when I’m done!

I thought these appliques would make a fun spring mini quilt. Right now I’m hand embroidering a buttonhole stitch around everything. The rest will be done on the machine.

Tulips! Pennsylvania Dutch Project -

And finally… I’ve been working on a craft of another sort: an online version of my Time Management for Creative Peeps course. I decided not to rush it because I want to add a few more things before it’s released into the world. But it should be done and available very soon. So keep an eye out if you would like to workshop your time management skills with me!

Time Management for Creative Peeps -

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