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The original Creative Heroes intro post:

Creative Heroes

If you’ve hung around the blog long enough, you know that time management and productivity are big topics for me. Not like 4-Hour Work Week kind of stuff but making the time and resources to juggle all of life’s priorities while still attending to my creative work.

As I have chatted with fellow artists, crafters and creative folk over the past year or so, I have learned that a lot of us have time management and productivity on our minds. Some have kids/family obligations, some are juggling day jobs, some have labor-intensive creative processes.

Some have all of those things going on… and more!

It has often occurred to me that, in this day and age, managing time and productivity has got to be one of the bigger white whales for creative peeps. I know I’m always looking to manage it in ways that don’t interfere with the quality of my happiness.

With that in mind, I began to wonder how other creative people are handling their time. Particularly the ones I admire and look up to!

How do they get their body of work out there so quickly and consistently?

How do they manage all the stuff of life that tends to sidetrack creative work?

What do they do when they are overwhelmed? 

… Do they know about some productivity magic that I don’t?
… Do they mainline Red Bull and never sleep?
… Do they secretly employ an army of minions? 

It scared me a little to think about asking. But my overwhelming nosiness got the better of me, so I started knocking on doors.

And guess what? I found out some really cool stuff!

I can’t wait to share their thoughts with you! I’m truly humbled that some very awesome people agreed to talk to me and answer my crazy questions about time management and productivity.

SO, beginning July 25th, I will start posting my conversations with these amazing folks in a feature called Creative Heroes.

Mark your calendars! It’s going to be fun!

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