NERD ALERT! I’ve got a new gadget

Rocketpad review |

Ok… “gadget” is probably not the right word. Let’s say I’ve got some new technology and I’m not afraid to use it!

My closest peeps know that I looooove me some gadgets and tech and cool things that claim to make life easier. Even stuff that doesn’t claim to make life easier, but is new and cool looking, draws me in like a fish to water.

Ok, so I still don’t get the point of Snapchat. And I haven’t come around yet to Instagram Stories. And Periscope & Facebook Live continue to frighten me… but that’s all beside the point!

Today I received my Rocketbook Wave.

[cue the violins]

I stumbled upon it through an Indiegogo campaign (for the sake of my bank account, I really should not be perusing fun-looking crowdfunding campaigns) and decided to help fund it because:

  1. It seemed really cool
  2. It fit in with my quest to simplify and downsize
  3. It relates to some of my productivity needs (see point #2)
  4. It kind of has that Star-Trek-gadgetry-come-to-fruition feel
  5. Did  I mention that it seemed really cool?

Rocketpad review |

Long story short, the Rocketbook Wave is a reusable notebook. You write, draw, take notes, etc. You scan pages with their app. The page goes to whatever destination you choose (email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, OneNote, Slack, etc.). and then…. when the notebook is full… [wait for it….] [wait for it…]

You microwave it.

Yes, you microwave the thing. Assuming you have been using a Frixion pen to write in it, you can microwave the notebook, erasing all the pages and start over. New notebook.

Cool, right?

With the app, you also get access to [free!] extra printable pages (the app recognizes certain aspects of the Rocketbook pages such as pre-printed icons that help you select where to send your pages). So, if the app and easily sending pages to your destination of choice are what excites you, you can just use the pages and any old pen/pencil.

But if you’re like me and you’re constantly scribbling and filling up notebooks, the idea that you can just microwave and reuse is pretty darn neat-o.

Now, admittedly, Frixion pens aren’t perfect. If you’re a quilter, no doubt you’ve heard the alledged horror stories about people using Frixion pens to mark quilting lines and ultimately ruining their quilt. You can read some commentary about this HERE, HERE and HERE.)

You see, Frixion pen marks go away when heated.

But they can come back when it’s cold. So, in theory, you could lose your notes if you leave your notebook in a hot car. But you can also get more than you bargained for if you leave it in a very cold place, such as traces of your previous notes.

The Rocketbook inventors address this by saying the notebook has a lifespan of about 10 uses. I guess that’s assuming you schedule your microwaving for when the book is completely full. I suppose after 10 uses you could have a lot of ghost-y Frixion marks showing up if the notebook gets cold.

Rocketpad review |

Overall, I think it’s a very cool thing. I’m pleased at the ease of getting my notes and scribbles into the cloud so they are digitally accessible (and to the nay-sayers who whine “I can just take pictures of my notes or put the page on a scanner” I counter with: 1. Rocketbook’s app color corrects, aligns and auto-files when you snag a page, 2. Taking a picture does not do any of that [although, admittedly, you could use IFTTT to auto-file pictures] 3. Neither does manual scanning [Smartphone scanners kind of do, but they can also be janky] and, most importantly… 4. I do not have time for all that.)

I also really like the idea that I’m not wasting paper. I try to recycle and use the backs of old print-outs for notes, etc. But scraps of paper often end up in massive disorganization for me. I’m seriously considering combining bullet journaling with this notebook.

So what do you think about the Rocketbook? Would love to hear your thoughts! Or get your own! In the meantime, stay tuned for an update as I begin using it – you know I love to be a guinea pig!

(note: there are some Amazon affiliate links in this post.)

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