Nerd alert! Thread trivia

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There literally may be NO ONE who shares my excitement over this, but I have to share it anyway!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know I spent the last few days at the SewPro convention in Chicago. Sharon Thornton, the Inspiration Manager for FreeSpirit Fabrics (part of the Coats Group) spoke at one of our lunch sessions. Her talk included some fascinating trivia about Coats thread

If you don’t sew, it might help to know that Coats is the thread you’re probably going to grab if you run into a fabric store chain. They have a pretty prominent display and just about any color you need to replace a button or fix a hem. They trace their roots back a couple hundred years, so your mother/grandmother/great-grandmother probably had spools of their thread in her sewing basket.

There’s also a good chance that the zipper on your coat or pants was made by them too. But zippers are a topic for another day.

Although I’ve used Coats thread for as long as I’ve known how to thread a needle, I had no idea that the ubiquitous spools are just a part of what they do. The thread we buy at Joann comes from the craft division. They also have a massive industrial reach.

You might be surprised at the everyday… and oddly personal… places that Coats thread appears.

Yes, ladies, the string in your tampons was quite likely manufactured by Coats. 

These are the other surprising statistics Sharon shared:

  • One-fifth of the garments on the planet are held together with Coats thread
  • 300 million pairs of shoes are made every year using Coats thread
  • 1 million tea bags using Coats thread are brewed every 10 minutes
  • In 3 1/2 hours, Coats makes enough thread to go to the moon and back
  • Coats produces enough yarn to make 65 million scarves a year
  • Thomas Edison used Coats thread in his light bulb invention work

So there you have it! You are now armed with some interesting thread trivia. Use it for good! (And if it helps you win at Trivial Pursuit… you’re welcome!)

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