Get your art out there – Day 3

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For day 2 of the Creative Passion to Profit challenge, hosted by Morna McEver of the International Association of Creative Arts Professionals, we were asked to answer this question:

What is the vision for my art and my business?

Here is my response:

My vision for my artwork is simply to get it out into the world and for it to be in the lives of people who admire and appreciate it, whether that’s through the work itself or patterns, etc. I like to create and I just want those creations to end up somewhere useful.

My vision for my business is more calculated: it is to be a valuable contributor and supporter in the sewing/quilting/craft industry. I want to continue elevating our industry by helping other makers do their best work and by offering solutions that help makers keep up with evolving trends and technology. I’m not looking for fame and fortune, but I would be thrilled if the up-and-coming quilters or crafters of tomorrow said to themselves “I need help with XYZ… I’ve just got to work with Stephanie!”

My short/mid-term goal is that my business will comfortably supplement my (less-enjoyable!) freelance work and ultimately allow me to transition out of freelancing altogether. My long-term goal is to derive 100% of my income from my core business + diversification of my creative work (patterns, digital and tangible products, licensing, etc.).

And…. I also have a dream of eventually having a studio and office space separate from my home so, at the very least, I will always know where my scissors are.

Is that a vision? It might just be wishful thinking!  

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