Get your art out there – Day 5

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Today is the 5th day in the creative arts business challenge hosted by Morna McEver and, today, we’ve been asked to answer the question:

What is my fear around connecting and sharing my art?

Here is my response (phew! these get a little harder to answer every day!):

My fear… do I have to stick with just one? Is there a work count or character limit for listing what I’m scared of? Just kidding!

I actually don’t have much fear in sharing my art in general. I display my work online, at my home and on my person all the time. If I get a compliment, I always share that I made it. If people seem to wrinkle their nose at it, I chalk it up to their horrible taste and move on.

I learned not to take other people’s subjective like or dislike of my work personally when I was in art school. Graded critiques were brutal. I think most people thought you got closer to an A by tearing someone else’s work down.

I make stuff and I offer services for fellow creative people. I have hung my shingle out, so to speak. But “if you build it, they will come” is, as we know, a fallacy.

My fear goes back to the connecting part and the part where there are higher stakes involved. Asking people to buy my work. To feature my work in a magazine. To sign up for my newsletter. To visit my website. To engage me for the services I offer. It’s hard to make that leap sometimes, even when you have built a relationship.

I’m afraid of feeling like I have failed.

I’m afraid of being told my work (or my services) aren’t up to snuff.

I’m afraid of the sound of crickets chirping when no one shows up.

I deal with this fear by just showing up anyway. I’ve been collecting “rejection letters” for quite some time (it’s Tiffany Han‘s method of re-framing fear of failure). I don’t beat myself up for being scared but I do get tough when the tummy-butterflies start swarming. I force myself to send the emails, submit to the open calls, attend the events, and keeping making the stuff I think people might want to see.

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