2017: the year of slow sewing

Embroidery detail - the year of slow sewing | www.creativeandmindful.comI’ve written a couple of times about slow sewing/slow crafting here at Creative + Mindful. (HERE and HERE if you’d like to read) But in the last couple of months, I’ve felt this incredible pull toward doing more than just dabbling.

Much as I love my sewing machine (ok, ok… you got me… machineS), I’ve had this feeling of “meh” when I think about modern sewing lately. Each time I look at my fabric stash, I dream about hand stitching something versus pulling out the machine.

Don’t get me wrong, I will still be machine sewing. There are things that I like to make that would be seriously limited by hand sewing (bed-sized quilts and my beloved t-shirt pattern being just two examples).

1 year of stitches - the year of slow sewing | www.creativeandmindful.com
my 1 year of stitches hoop… so far

However, hand sewing is taking on a much bigger role in my making these days. I’ve been participating in the 1 year of stitches project.

I am in the process of developing and scheduling some classroom events centered on hand sewing. I have also begun a pattern series (stay tuned – the first 2 will be in the shop very soon!).

I have also snagged the domain slowsewingclub.com (note: there’s nothing there yet – I haven’t gotten quite as far as figuring out what I’m going to do with it! Call that “slow decision making.”)

The other interesting thing about slow sewing is that it has become a stand-in for my formal meditation practice at times. In the past, I would hand sew while I watched Netflix or hung out with family. I still do that, of course. But I’ve also begun quietly stitching, alone. Embroidery and cross stitch are great for this since they are quite repetitive but do require attentiveness.

Patterns coming soon! | www.creativeandmindful.com
Slow sewing patterns coming soon!

This is the perfect formula for mindful action.

I have a few crafty friends who cringe at hand sewing. I also meet a lot of people who say “I’ve always wanted to give embroidery [or hand sewing] a try but have never gotten around to it.”

I’m hoping to interest and convert these folks! Maybe they won’t become fanatics but perhaps they will understand and appreciate using hand sewing as an opportunity to take a break, slow down or unplug.

What do you think about slow sewing (or any kind of slow/hand crafting, for that matter)? Do you love it? Hate it? Are you curious and want to try it?

I’ve love to hear from you! Drop a message in the comments or shoot me a message from my Contact page!

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