What’s the story with Creative + Mindful? I’m a total smart-aleck so my standard answer is “well, creativity and mindfulness, of course!

But that’s not great customer service and will likely result in “that look” from my mother. (you know that look. I’m sure your mother does it too. But I think my mother patented it.) So, here’s the deal….


Creativity is important to all people. It’s what ensures we aren’t a bunch of grey, indistinguishable blobs. For some it conjures up images of writing, or artwork, or performing, or making things with our hands. It’s not just about being “artistic.” It could be about cooking a spectacular meal or pitching a perfect game or putting together a beautiful outfit or organizing an incredible event. It can be any or all of those things. But it’s also way more.

Our creativity is our unique spark. It’s how we put our special mark on the world. How we bring beauty or eccentricity or innovativeness to the world. By virtue of being human, we are ALL creative. Even when we don’t feel like it.

Helping others cultivate creativity is my mission. Along with keeping my own creativity going strong, making sure my peeps know they are creative and inspiring them to express it… that’s what gets me out of bed. Well, full disclosure, sometimes it’s also waffles that get me out of bed. But creativity too. Always creativity.


“Mindfulness” is a buzzy, buzzword these days. But even after it stops being the “thing du’jour,” it will still be extremely important to me. There are lots of New Age-y definitions of mindfulness but I like the basic one: mindfulness simply means paying attention and being present. Both physically and mentally. It means not multi-tasking or thinking about other stuff when you are engaging in an activity – just thinking about what you are doing in the moment that you are doing it.

Another aspect of mindfulness that I’ve added to my definition, is the idea of not just thinking about stuff, but actually doing it (in fact, taking action is one of the fundamentals of my Unsticking the Stuckness course). So again, attending to our activities 100% both physically and mentally.

What does this have to do with creativity? First of all, I think it can be challenging to express creativity when you have a lot of clutter running through your mind. And if you’re human (you’re human, right?) you have clutter running through your mind. I do too. By practicing mindfulness, we can  quiet that clutter or set it to the side for a bit.

Mindfulness also helps us get clear on our goals – creative and otherwise – AND that clarity helps us get off our rumps and get stuff done instead of just dreaming about it. So mindfulness is some good stuff!

How do you practice mindfulness? Each and every day, each and every time you remember. You can get better at that everyday/remembering thing through various exercises including meditation. You eventually develop a sort of muscle memory for mindfulness and suddenly expressions of creativity (along with lots of other stuff) become much easier.

What can you do about cultivating creativity and mindfulness in your life? 

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