Christmas in July?! Yeah… there might be something to this.

Christmas in July?! |

I tend to like my holiday season tightly packed between the last Thursday in November (that’s US Thanksgiving, for my peeps outside of the states!) and January 1st.

I worked for many years in retail and each year, the holiday merchandise and displays seemed to show up earlier and earlier. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a retail job but it doesn’t seem like the trend has changed much. Groan! (sidenote, although it’s mid-August, I saw Halloween merch in the store today. ARGH!)

Some time ago, I also noticed the Hallmark channel (Don’t judge me! They show reruns of the Golden Girls!) promoting their collectible holiday ornaments in the middle of the summer by airing holiday movies. A whole month of Christmas in July. Double groan! Read more

Creative Heroes: Brave Girls

Creative Heroes: Brave Girls |

(Looking for some background on the Creative Heroes series? Check out my intro post HERE!)

For this week’s Creative Heroes interview, I had the pleasure of talking with the Brave Girls!

Because Melody was out of town and tied up with some projects, my conversation was primarily with Kathy. But she was able to give me some great insight into how this team of sisters makes the wheels of their company turn – and how they get to all their wonderful creative pursuits.

The Brave Girls Club showed up in my life at a time when I really needed some support and guidance. Their courses, daily messages, and uplifting community helped me out of an emotional jam on several occasions. The fact that the personal development wisdom they provide is centered on creative experiences and projects was really important to me. Read more

Creative Heroes: Lee Crutchley

Creative Hero: Lee Crutchley |

(Looking for some background on the Creative Heroes series and links to all the interviews? Check out my intro post HERE!)

If you aren’t familiar with Lee Crutchley, you need to check out his 3rd book – How to be Happy (Or at Least Less Sad) pronto!

When I took the leap and contacted some of my heroes to see if they would be willing to discuss time management and creative productivity with me, Lee was at the top of my list. As someone who has struggled with depression for a very long time, I felt like I had met a kindred spirit when I picked up his book.

Lee is funny and smart and makes clever artwork. His blog posts aren’t prolific, his newsletters don’t come weekly, and he is just now working on his 4th book. But Lee’s focus seems to be one of “doing the important things” versus doing everything. Quality trumps quantity in the time management game.

And I knew Lee would have some interesting things to say about creative productivity. (spoiler alert: I wasn’t disappointed) Read more

The pursuit of slow crafting

The pursuit of slow crafting |

The idea of doing anything slowly seems like a joke in our constantly connected world.

Even with my own focus on mindfulness and patience, I sometimes find myself getting restless while I’m waiting on an email or text response. I think it’s just ingrained in us these days.

Productivity means getting lots of things done quickly and efficiently, right? Quick means easy… right?? Read more

Creative Heroes: Pat Sloan

Creative Hero: Pat Sloan |

(Looking for some background on the Creative Heroes series? Check out my intro post HERE!)

When I decided to reach out to some of my favorite artists and creative entrepreneurs about time management and productivity, I knew I wanted to talk with Pat Sloan! She is so full of energy and amazingly busy. I was sure she had some really great thoughts on balancing creativity, a business, and the miscellaneous stuff of life. I wasn’t disappointed! Read more

All about Creative Heroes!

The Creative Heroes series is on hiatus.

But please check out my interviews with these awesome Creative Heroes:

Is there someone you’d like me to feature in a future Creative Heroes series? Please send me a message!


The original Creative Heroes intro post:

Creative Heroes

If you’ve hung around the blog long enough, you know that time management and productivity are big topics for me. Not like 4-Hour Work Week kind of stuff but making the time and resources to juggle all of life’s priorities while still attending to my creative work.

As I have chatted with fellow artists, crafters and creative folk over the past year or so, I have learned that a lot of us have time management and productivity on our minds. Some have kids/family obligations, some are juggling day jobs, some have labor-intensive creative processes. Read more

The very best meditation resources

I’m pretty sure it’s no surprise that – as a diehard meditation and mindfulness practitioner – I have some picky preferences when it comes to resources. Mindfulness and all it’s New Age trappings are big business these days.

There is a lot of “stuff” out there and lots of “gurus” willing to take your money. I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to anything outside of plopping my butt on the floor and just doing the work. With that said, some resources can be really helpful. These are a few of my faves. (p.s. with the exception of the Amazon link to Dan Harris’ book, none of these links are affiliate links – these are all recommendations straight from the Creative + Mindful regular use arsenal) Read more

Modern Printmaking | a C+M book report

Modern Printmaking - a Creative + Mindful book report |

Yay! It’s time for another Creative + Mindful book report! 

This time I had the pleasure of reading Modern Printmaking: A Guide to Traditional and Digital Techniques by Sylvie Covey. I was particularly excited to get my mitts on this book. because I’ve been looking for new ways to print on fabric. I knew the book would include a lot of stuff that might be irrelevant for that purpose but I figured I could get some ideas.

Read more