Nerd alert! Thread trivia

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There literally may be NO ONE who shares my excitement over this, but I have to share it anyway!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know I spent the last few days at the SewPro convention in Chicago. Sharon Thornton, the Inspiration Manager for FreeSpirit Fabrics (part of the Coats Group) spoke at one of our lunch sessions. Her talk included some fascinating trivia about Coats threadRead more

NERD ALERT! I’ve got a new gadget

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Ok… “gadget” is probably not the right word. Let’s say I’ve got some new technology and I’m not afraid to use it!

My closest peeps know that I looooove me some gadgets and tech and cool things that claim to make life easier. Even stuff that doesn’t claim to make life easier, but is new and cool looking, draws me in like a fish to water.

Ok, so I still don’t get the point of Snapchat. And I haven’t come around yet to Instagram Stories. And Periscope & Facebook Live continue to frighten me… but that’s all beside the point!

Today I received my Rocketbook Wave.

[cue the violins]

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The 6 Waves Cresting in the Ocean of Your Brain and How to Ride Them

(this originally appeared on my old Forest of Healing website on December 7, 2012)
(n.b. this is some ultra nerdy shit. I make no apologies.)

Many years ago I taught a week-long soft skills boot camp for a well-known hospitality organization. One of the modules was about stress management. Although I had taken yoga,  learned about focusing on my breath and had even tried zazen, I felt a little hokey reading the guided meditation that was supposed to be part of the module. Read more