Party like it’s 1880!

It’s 1880-something and Essie Mae Hanover’s husband – Professor R.F. Hanover – has invented something wild. Architects all over the US and Europe are fascinated with skyscrapers and the way they are rapidly changing urban landscapes. But Professor Hanover is obsessed with something else… the Dome Home.

Professor R.F. Hanover’s “Dome Home” model

Built from panels constructed of triangles, the dome home offers a unique living space for the forward-thinking among Victorians. Essentially “all window,” dome homes are strong, sunny, and perfect for putting any sort of whim on display: from a painstakingly reconstructed opium den to a salon of curiosities featuring fossilized narwhals and live monkeys.

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Why I will not be konmari-ing my mess

Why I will not be konmari-ing my mess

Marie Kondo is all the rage. AGAIN. My Instagram is chock full of her. Everyone is tidying up their homes… their studios… their vegetable peeler and scissor drawers. Sigh.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Marie is an organizing guru and author. A few years ago, she gained big notoriety when she wrote a book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It is based on her┬ámethod of organizing, called konmari. Read more