Midwest Craft Con – fun! swag! intrigue!


Holy smokes! I can’t even. Midwest Craft Con has been SUCH a blast so far! And it’s barely even started.

This weekend is also MQG Quiltcon… But honestly a local, small-format, crafty lovefest is where the good stuff happens. (No offense, MQG…. Quiltcon East 2017… I’m there!)


There have been some amazing discussions about the future of making/crafting and this morning begins all the fabulous creative business workshops (of which yours truly is a presenter).

Although my introverted ways give me serious grief when it comes to face time with lots of people, I love|love|love to get together with like-minded folks and totally jam out about what we do.

I’d love to hear from other peeps: what kind of conferences or meet-ups have you been to and love?

Midwest Craft Con

Hello, hello! 2016 has been full steam ahead, hasn’t it?

The Mister and I spent the first few days of the year celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary (yes, I know, I was a child bride) in the wild and wonderful city of New Orleans. We had gone there on our honeymoon and I surprised him with a trip back.

I’ll share more about NoLa when I get a chance. I think it will be fun to do a “city-guide-for-people-who-aren’t-interested-in-Bourbon-Street-drunkery” kind of post. Read more

How my two days with Death were unforgettably amazing

Death Salon at the Mutter Museum

Death and mortality are such great topics to explore both in creative expression and in mindfulness practices, don’t you think? And what better time to dwell on the subject than the Halloween season!

Last week Connor and I spent two days in Philadelphia with a couple hundred of our fellow deathlings at the Death Salon. This was an event put together by the Order of the Good Death and hosted by the Mütter Museum. Read more