Super blogging resources!

So, your’s truly was invited to contribute my Time Management e-book to the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit available from Ultimate Bundles. Pretty neato, if I must say so myself!

The Toolkit consists of a gigantic bundle of tools and resources for bloggers of all levels from newbies to advanced. If you purchased each item individually, it would cost you over $5,000. Phew! I don’t know about you, but mama can’t afford that. However, if you get in on it during the 6 day sales period, you get all this loot for only $97.

Before you click away, thinking “this isn’t for me… I”m not a blogger,” let me ask you this:

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Reverse engineering – productivity secret weapon!

What's the best way to make a schedule?

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some really great project managers over the years in my corporate jobs. Some were hardcore, certified IT project managers who mapped everything out on impossibly complex spreadsheets or in project management software. Others were just really organized, detail-oriented people.

Regardless of their pedigree, I learned a ton from each of those talented project managers. Out of all the on-the-job skills I developed, I feel like project management tactics were some of the most useful and practical experiences I left the corporate world with. Read more

Thimble of scraps: making time when you have none

Time Management Tips from

At a recent Time Management workshop, a participant asked me an all too common question: “I just went full-time at my job (we need the money!) – how do I juggle that and still work on my creative goals? Oh yeah… I also have a 3-yr old.”

Oh sister, I feel you! This situation is a tough one.

Many of us like to have the luxuries in life. You know, paying the mortgage/rent. Keeping the lights on. Having food to eat. Then we go and have kids. And, wouldn’t you know it? Those little crumbsnatchers want food and shelter too! Read more