Slow sewing

Examples in slow sewing |

I’m all for racing my way through a sewing project to get it done. Chain piecing, rotary cutting, machine stitching… it’s all good. Especially when you quickly finish something wonderful and can proudly admire your work.

But there is also something so, so satisfying about slow sewing. Hand stitching, embroidery, cross stitch. Handwork like these is a mindful practice. A meditation, almost.  Read more

The pursuit of slow crafting

The pursuit of slow crafting |

The idea of doing anything slowly seems like a joke in our constantly connected world.

Even with my own focus on mindfulness and patience, I sometimes find myself getting restless¬†while I’m waiting on an email or text response. I think it’s just ingrained in us these days.

Productivity means getting lots of things done quickly and efficiently, right? Quick means easy… right?? Read more