2017: the year of slow sewing

Embroidery detail - the year of slow sewing | www.creativeandmindful.comI’ve written a couple of times about slow sewing/slow crafting here at Creative + Mindful. (HERE and HERE if you’d like to read) But in the last couple of months, I’ve felt this incredible pull toward doing more than just dabbling.

Much as I love my sewing machine (ok, ok… you got me… machineS), I’ve had this feeling of “meh” when I think about modern sewing lately. Each time I look at my fabric stash, I dream about hand stitching something versus pulling out the machine. Read more

The very best meditation resources

I’m pretty sure it’s no surprise that – as a diehard meditation and mindfulness practitioner – I have some picky preferences when it comes to resources. Mindfulness and all it’s New Age trappings are big business these days.

There is a lot of “stuff” out there and lots of “gurus” willing to take your money. I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to anything outside of plopping my butt on the floor and just doing the work. With that said, some resources can be really helpful. These are a few of my faves. (p.s. with the exception of the Amazon link to Dan Harris’ book, none of these links are affiliate links – these are all recommendations straight from the Creative + Mindful regular use arsenal) Read more

The quiet is no longer the enemy

William Penn on silence at the Creative + Mindful blog www.creativeandmindful.comThis week I find myself in rural North Carolina, lending a hand to a sick family member. I’m staying at the house my grandparents bought and rehabbed in the early ‘80s.

I spent a good deal of time here when I was a kid. Multiple weeks at a time during summer break. Of course I’ve been here throughout the years as an adult, but I have to admit it’s been awhile. And I honestly can’t remember when I was here without the husband and/or kid. Read more