My new website is a total….


Ahhh, I love a corny pun! Paradox was inspired by the fine folks at Punny Pixels (who are far better at the punny funniness than me) and I thought it would be a silly way to introduce the website.

For those of you who are new here, this used to be Forest of Healing but all great things evolve so it is now Creative + Mindful. What is this site about? The short answer… creativity and mindfulness. (yes, I am a card-carrying smart-aleck) These are two very important topics to me and I hope to inspire this passion in you too! The longer answer is HERE.

Who I am? Just a girl living the dream. Have a burning desire to know more about me? Ok, ok, head over HERE.

The Call to Action part

I believe in utter transparency, so since you are here, I hope you will stick around and be part of my circle of friends. What I’m saying is, please do any – or all – of the following!

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