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Unsticking the StucknessStuckness: (n.) Stagnation; based on any variety of personal circumstances. May relate to relationships, career, creativity or personal development and growth.

Unsticking the Stuckness: (v.) Forward motion. The application of incremental positive growth and change to personal circumstances using creative and spiritual resources.

Introduction: the Framework for Unsticking the Stuckness

Let’s talk for a minute about the framework of Unsticking the Stuckness. Not everyone is linear – and that’s totally ok! – but I think it’s important to have some idea of what you are working toward. Otherwise, the activities here may not have the impact they are intended to have and, worst case, they will seem like pointless fluff.

Think of the framework like road signs. Just like following a map, road signs let you know you’re on the right track during your journey.

Opening Yourself to Possibilities

The first part of the framework is opening yourself to possibilities. In other words, recognizing that you are ready to become unstuck. This means that you have a true desire to move forward and aren’t just saying “I should…” or “I ought to….”

It’s important to recognize that the unsticking process can be pretty hard if you’re not truly ready and willing. And it’s ok if you’re not ready and willing! Understand that there are times when being “stuck” has some kind of benefit that you may be unwilling to walk away from.

Being stuck might be a way that you can feel safe – not have to take risks. Or unhappiness may provide you a common bond with a friend or family; after all, misery loves company. There is no shame in these situations but just realize these conditions are obstacles themselves and you can’t get unstuck without acknowledging the “benefits.”

You’ll know you’re ready to work through your stuckness when you can begin to visualize how things will look on the other side of stuck. When you start to “see” that picture in your heart, and it thrills you, you will know it’s time to identify and work through the things that have you stuck!

Now let’s do an activity!

Image Yourself Meditation

Click the headphones icon to the left to listen to the ‘”Imagine Yourself” meditation (or right-click and choose ‘Save As’). This meditation is aimed at helping you align your emotional desire to get unstuck with your emotional desire to get unstuck.

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