Unsticking the Stuckness – Course Preview 02

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The author Simon Sinek is well-known for the concept of “Start with Why.” This is about knowing what your purpose is, what gets you up in the morning, and what keeps the existential “blahs” at bay. It might be about your passions, it might be something deeper. It’s completely different for every single person but ultimately it is the underlying driver for our sense of satisfaction in life.

Identifying your why – figuring out your purpose – can take some time. And unfortunately there is no perfect formula for arriving at that moment of clarity. However, there are a number of things that you can do to gather insight. One incredible activity is to step away from your own thoughts and take stock of your blessings.

Now let’s do an activity!

Abundant Blessings Inventory thumbnailGratitude is a powerful tool for giving us perspective and for supporting us in challenging times. Check out this quick activity for counting your blessings – it’s super easy and it’s a wonderful thing to do before you get started on any kind of endeavor that could chip away at your focus or motivation.

Click the image to download the PDF, or right-click HERE (or for Mac, Ctrl+click) and choose ‘Save Link As.’

Next up… What Unstuck Feels Like

Opening up to the possibilities that await you gives you a glimpse of unstuck. The next part of the unsticking process is exploring what unstuck really feels like. It can take a little time to get clarity and sometimes you find yourself wavering or unsure if you’re imagining the right thing. But don’t worry! This is what happens when you’re finding your way.

In a nutshell, what this clarity means is that you are able to describe, in detail, what it is that you are hoping to get to. Down to the sights, sounds, smell and taste. Not just broad brushstrokes like “I’ll be happy” or “I’ll make a lot of art and sell it.”

Remember how I mentioned road signs? That’s the point of imagining what being unstuck feels like. Without a destination in mind, any road will get you there. But I doubt you want to go just anywhere. You have something in mind for yourself

Now, there’s one important side note to imagining what unstuck looks like… the details are important BUT you also need to be open to possibilities that may not look identical to what you’ve imagined. You will have already gotten some practice with this in the first step!

Paint a vivid picture in your mind but pay attention to how it makes you FEEL. This will help you recognize unstuckness in the event it shows up in a different form – and doesn’t look, sound, smell or taste exactly like you planned. Next