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Taking Action

Last, but not at all least, in the process of unsticking is to take action. The most important thing about taking action is that you have to be ready to take action. It’s virtually impossible to take action if you haven’t processed all the other steps first.

And even when you’re ready to take action, there may be points where you have to tip back into obstacle identification because you realize there is still something holding you up… this is where the process begins to have mini-cycles within it and you should realize THAT’S OK. It’s not back-sliding, it’s not falling off the wagon, it’s just being more thorough.

You may have noticed that I like metaphors and my metaphor for this is realizing one day you want to run a marathon, although you are kind of a coach potato. You wouldn’t just starting trying to run a 5K.

In order to be successful you would psyche yourself up that you can do this – opening to the possibilities; you would think about the WHY – maybe fitness is important to you and you have experience with the runner’s high; then you identify the obstacles. The biggest one would be that you need to get in better shape to endure a marathon.

So you start training and then you realize your running shoes are crappy – they make your feet hurt and your running isn’t going well. So, would you give up?

NO, you wouldn’t give up!

You’d go back to the identification of obstacles and say “ok, I need new running shoes. I’ll go to Fleet Feet or Footlocker and I’ll get the right shoes.” and then you’ll go back to training.

This is often what it’s like to take action. A little burst forward, some time spent correcting course. But ultimately, you make progress. And you’ll find, as you move forward, that progress is really what matters.

A few final goodies

Unsticking the Stuckness | the Manifesto

Unsticking the StucknessI created the Manifesto as an inspiration to all my Friends & Family. No matter where they are in their life journey, I wanted to remind them that they are strong and capable and that their obstacles are not permanent. It’s often hard to find the words – the battle cry – describing the desire to move past the obstacles in our life. The Manifesto is a way of exclaiming those intentions.

To download it, click the image, or right-click (for Mac, Ctrl+click) and choose ‘Save Link As.’

A Forest of Healing Quote Badge

Kahlil Gibran Quote - Forget NotFinally, I love quote badges. I made this one just for my Friends & Family. It features a Khalil Gibran quote that never fails to remind me how important it is to be loving to myself.

Please feel free to share it on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram! To download it, click the image, or right-click (for Mac, Ctrl+click) and choose ‘Save Link As.’